August 23, 2005

8/23/05 Málaga Spain

Only Tomas and I in class

An interesting day at school. On Monday nights every week, many of the Spanish language students meet at a bar on the boardwalk called 'La Tortuga'. I'm talking hundreds of college-age students. Well, a few of my classmates were there last night. So, today it was only Tomas and I in class. Ramón treated it as a semi-private lesson and we decided just to make our class time an open discussion in Spanish.

Spent part of the afternoon searching the internet for hostels in Madrid. They would definitely be called hotels in the the US. Sent emails to see if they have a room available. I'll be there two nights before I fly home.

The flower vendors always were colorful

Had a few drinks with Cameron. He doesn't really like his roommates in his new apartments at his new place. We just got along so well. You would swear we had been friends for a long time. We're going to try and get together on Friday for a movie and then try some tapas at a bar Ana highly recommends.