August 21, 2005

8/21/05 Málaga Spain


Slept in a little bit because I went out with Cameron last night. I'm really going to miss him as a roommate.

Had a good day. Was able to squeeze in two run/workouts. Went to the beach for a bit today. Really, really hot, the kind of hot that makes it painful to walk on the sand. Didn't think much about it when no one was in the water, just thought it would cool me off. Was up to my chest in cold seawater when I noticed the first jelly fish. It was the size of a tennis ball with tentacles about eight inches long. I've never been stung by a jelly fish but I heard it is painful. So, I quickly turned around and tried to avoid all the rest of them in the calm water as I got out of the water.

Because you can get so high above the city, I decided to get a few pictures of the bullfight ring filled with people from above. Cameron later told me it was a sold out crowd (He was in the crowd). Just wish I had a longer telephoto lens.

Then took the bus to the 'Real' for more of the Feria. Just walked around a bit, especially in the carnival area. The kids sure were having fun. I was to meet Cameron at the front gate at 10:15.

Early Spanish driving lessons?

And at 10:15:55 exactly, there he was. We both wanted to see the concert and were not sure where it was. But lucky for us, it was right next to the front gate. It was so unobtrusive that we ended up almost to the front of the stage before the crowd realized the concert was to begin.

The fairground entrance

And what a great show. The group was called “Chambao” and they classify their music as 'chill out' flamenco. It's a local band that made it big. They have two drummers, a keyboard, two guitarists, and a guy who plays winds (clarinet, saxophone, flute). But the heart and soul of the band is the vocalist, Lamari. And luck for us, this is her first appearance since recovering from cancer. It certainly hasn't slowed her down. She sang so beautiful for a whole ninety minutes.

She could sing with so much passion

Cameron and I decided to see if we could get a better view from the back, only to realize that every available space was filled with a sea of people in this standing room only crowd. What a great final concert to close out the Feria.

At midnight, not a few seconds after the group took it's last bow, the fireworks started. A full twenty five minutes of one of the best fireworks displays that I've ever seen anywhere.

Cameron and I headed back towards the buses, ready to start the school week tomorrow. But amazingly there were two or three times as many people still arriving for one final night of party, as those leaving with us.