August 20, 2005

8/20/05 Málaga Spain

Shopping for books

Decided to go into town this morning and do some book shopping. Was looking for a good Spanish exercise book to take back home but didn't really find what I wanted. Then looked at the other books and decided to buy “The Little Prince” and “The Alchemist”, two classics.

Ended up staying in the city center to watch all the Feria activities for the little kids. They set up a very simple play area along the Paseo de Parque complete with all sorts of people dressed up solely for the kids. Gets them in the Feria spirit.

Lots of crafts for the kids

And physical activities too.

Not sure where the rest of the day went. Was with Cheryl, Gemma, Joanna and Ida at the beach. Then went for a run and did a little workout. I'm thinking I've been pretty lazy here both with my exercise and diet. I've got three weeks to shape up.