August 18, 2005

8/18/05 Málaga Spain

Poor Blanca

More changes today. Cameron is actually studying at another school, and like Ingrid, he has to move this weekend. He tried to work something out because we really do get along so well but it just didn't happen. Kind of sad with the girls are moving out too. It just won't be the same without them.

I had planned on going back to Almansa to visit Amparo and Santi again but looks like they're going to be in London part of that time. And I was planning on staying a week in Madrid with my friends Sonia and Cesar but yesterday I got an email saying that they will be on a two-week vacation with family. They can come back for a couple of days, so that's what I'll do. That means two more weeks here in Málaga. Poor Blanca, seems every week, I'm coming in the office asking for changes. She's already changed the invoice twice for me already.

The weird part will be that I'll be the very last of the summer students to leave. Even all the Swedish girls that have been here all summer will leave the week before me. I'll miss them all.

Women in their Feria finery

Dancin' in the streets