August 17, 2005

8/17/05 Málaga Spain

I can now read Don Quijote

Started running again, and after a few days, I'm feeling pretty good. But I'm keeping the mileage pretty low. I think I need to start loosing some weight too to lessen the impact on the knees. Might even try running on the beach sand instead of the boardwalk.

Finally found a good copy of Don Quijote to take home. Even though the story is required reading for every Spanish grade school, to actually read the original takes a scholar's tenacity working through the words no longer used 400 years later. While trying to read the first copy of the book I bought, four words in the first sentence were not even in the dictionary. I bought the newer version at “Idiomas” a foreign language bookshop in El Centro. It's a abbreviated modern version, with facing pages in Spanish and English. So, I might actually get to read the entire book in Spanish.

My classmates Cheryl, Gemma, and Peter

Best friends!

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