August 14, 2005

8/14/05 Málaga Spain

It's so different here

Actually got to run and workout this morning. The knee wasn't bad but hen I only ran a mile. I think I'll try and build it slow because I really do need the exercise and can't really afford another injury.

The beach downtown

Even though I seem to have misadventures on every trip, I do learn from them. When I first envisioned this trip, I imagined being in Almansa, getting to know the neighbors, shopping at the market and having and evening drink at the cafe down the street. I didn't even consider that Málaga would be quite different, except for the beach. So, while eight weeks in Almansa would have been ideal (especially if I had come in May as originally planned), four weeks would have been ok here. I mean it's nice but it's so touristy, shopping at the supermarket, searching dozens of restaurants for an open table and going to the beach every is just something to do. Ah well, I hope I learned from it.

Cleaning up

So let's see how that might affect my future plans. Still can't decide on three weeks or six in New Zealand. Looking at a separate trip to Italy to see Marta. I'm trying to talk her into letting me work in her family restaurant in exchange for Italian lessons. I have to talk to Daniel and Ariane in Switzerland about a trip there next year. And now I want to add a trip to Sweden. Plus, there is so much to see in Spain but I think Springtime would be an infinitely better time to come.