August 12, 2005

8/12/05 Málaga Spain

Getting ready for Feria

We had a test this morning, but only to give the teachers an idea where we were at, and where we needed more work.

Everyone seemed reserved today. Not sure why, but it could be our bodies natural 'preventative maintenance' with the Feria starting tonight and going for the next 10 days.

Spent the afternoon at the beach with Eva (Austria). She's an economics major but she was also a competitive swimmer. You can definitely tell she's still in great shape. She's in the advanced class at school.

Gemma gave me the bad news today: They're moving out next week to go share a flat with Joanna. I'm happy for their. It makes good sense. When they thought I was moving out to go live with a host family, they found out Patrico and Gaia would be leaving after the weekend. Since they'd really been having a lot of fun with Joanna and spending so much time over there, they asked Blanca at school if it was OK. That was all before I decided not to move in with that family. Guess I'll just have to bother them a lot at the 'villa'. And who knows, I might get another roommate.

About 11pm, headed to El Centro fro the opening day fireworks. I decided to climb above the city to Gibralfaro, but I shouldn't have been surprised the hundreds of others who had the same idea. I sat next to a father and his two children. His daughter, who might have been four or five years old, was extremely impatient for the fireworks to begin. Even though it was supposed to start at midnight, I should have realized that in Spain, times like that are 'flexible'. Unfortunately the little girl hasn't really come to grips with that part of her culture yet, so she began to cry until the first bang overhead at about 12:30.

Actually a pretty long fireworks display. The bad thing about digital cameras is that it seems like you take a million photographs. After they finally stopped, I looked down and had taken about 135 pictures. Wow!

Afterward, I felt like a fish swimming upstream as I headed toward the beach where a million other people were leaving. Ended walking home about 2am.