August 1, 2005

8/1/05 Málaga Spain

Traveling means adapting

Kind of weird with just Josefin and I in class along. All the new students were taking their placement test, so we won't know if we have new classmates until tomorrow.

I asked how the party ended Saturday night. She said she woke up about 11am and someone had cleaned up the entire place. And she was shocked that nothing was broken, with with the hundreds of people crowding the place drinking and dancing.

Talked to Blanca to see if I could reuse my Sevilla ticket, and she laughed when I told her what had happened. This week's tour is to Granada, so I'll sign up for that one. Everyone says that if you only have time for one excursion, don't miss Granada.

Ramón finally came back and told us our morning classes are being changed to the afternoon for the next two weeks because of a junior program that also started today. Kind of a bummer. Like the first week, you really don't have time to do anything when you have to be back for class. Ours will be 12:30 to 5:30 with an hour off for lunch. Josefin's parents are coming for a visit this week, so she might miss a few classes. I don't blame her, it's very hard to concentrate when it's that hot. That's the main reason to go to the beach and take a siesta.

But traveling means adapting. I think I'll use this two weeks to work out a bit more in the morning while the girls are in class. Plus that also gives me some time to study too. And now I can do all my runs in the early morning. A big plus with the August heat.

Got a chance to talk more with Gemma and Cheryl. They lived in student housing with a large communal kitchen, so having roommates is no problem for them. And with another girl roommate coming this week, I decided to move myself out of the bathroom. They both are in the class below me but I wouldn't be surprised if they move up to mine next week.

Went to El Centro today to mail Andrea's birthday card. Seems I'm always missing hers because I'm usually travelling. And this was the big “18”. Happy Birthday Andrea.

Besides that, I finally bought a Spanish copy of Don Quijote that was written 400 years ago by Cervantes. I wanted to read it in it's original Spanish but after it took me twenty minutes to translate the first sentence (and three words weren't even in my dictionary), I might have to make that a long range plan.