July 9, 2005

7/9/05 Málaga Spain

Sort of getting into a groove

It actually rained last night. The streets were still wet this morning and more clouds really seemed threatening.

Had planned on doing the tourist thing today but after finally getting to the post office and buying a few more things at the mall, it just wasn't in the cards. Didn't get to the tourism office in time before they closed for lunch at 2PM, so ended up riding the bus back home.

Finally took some time to catch some rays while taking my afternoon siesta. Class will be in the mornings next week, so that will work out nicely. But I'll probably have to start doing my weekday runs in the evening when it's cooler.

Sort of getting into a groove. Made some pretty good spaghetti tonight for dinner. Still doing the “on the road” workout along with much needed stretching. Kind of relaxing taking a walk late in the evening to wind down. And ending the day with a little meditation.