July 8, 2005

7/8/05 Málaga Spain

Dancing Flamenco

A little cloudy today when I went for my run. That really kept the temperature down.

For the last part of class today, we watched a Spanish film called “Planta 4” (“The 4th Floor”). It was about four teenagers on an oncology ward. A very good film but the English subtitles were distracting, at least to me.

Later I met a bunch of my classmates at the hacienda. The hacienda is another of the school's houses, a small villa really. Lea was visiting one last time because she is leaving for home in Toulouse tomorrow. When we found out she's studied flamenco for the last five years, we begged for a show. She was so excited, she went and changed into her flamenco dress and shoes. Since she felt alone up there, she danced once with Ondrej and once with me. What a sweet girl.

Lea (France)

Ready to dance?

What fun!

Later we met Monika and her significant other for dinner. He just flew in from a recent business trip to Malaysia and was taking a week off here in Málaga. I'm not sure how long they've been together, but they still act as young lovers.