July 7, 2005

7/7/05 Málaga Spain

Where Do You Buy Envelopes?

Well, can't do that again on a weeknight. Didn't even try to get my run in this morning. Than goodness I didn't have class until 11AM.

Today was one of the hardest classes so far, and not just for me. I finally came up with a theory of why learning a 3rd and 4th language is easier. For your second language, you have to learn grammar. I'm sure if I stopped an average Spaniard on the street, they wouldn't be able to tell me what the pretérito indefinido is, because you don't grow up with a language like that. So, here we are all struggling to learn the bits and pieces that make up a real language.

Brit showed me where a shopping mall was (91 stores) and I was able to shop around for a few items. The biggest store was Spain's equivalent to a WalMart. But still had the damnedest time finding envelopes. Ended up buying them from a little shop that sold them individually. The lady behind the counter smiled when she realized my Spanish wasn't very good. Guess I looked a little confused. She was nice.

Looking forward to a peaceful weekend to study, but mainly do nothing. Brit's headed off to the beaches of Portugal for the weekend with five other students from the university. And I might do the tourist bit in the city center. But I'm in no rush as I'll be here for a while.