July 6, 2005

7/6/05 Málaga Spain

A Class Tour of the City Center

Ended up having a great conversation with Pedro today after class about marathons, all in Spanish. Turns out one of his friends talked him into running the San Fransisco marathon a few years ago. He smiled when he said that after 35 kilometers, he said “Never again!” But the sense of accomplishment was overwhelming when he finished.

Good thoughts because the legs sure felt like lead this mornings, probably because of my long afternoon walks in sandals. Actually figured out the washing machine, or should I say 'guessed', and did a load of laundry before heading off to the beach. I'm going to use my beach time as my siesta from now on. I get a tan while recharging the old battery. And I sure needed it tonight.

A bunch of students met Ramón down in the center of town for a tour. Ramón was his funny self as our guide. Our tour finished when we walked passed where he was born. [smile]

Málaga City Hall

You can almost see the cathedral

Got ice cream and then went home on the bus with my classmate Ondrej, along with Monika (Hungary) and Lea (France). We ended up at the hacienda where Ondrej broke out some 'herbal' remedy from home. Think a very strong sweet scotch. It was funny because we would try so hard to speak Spanish and then switch suddenly into English. Lea is only seventeen but she's got an old soul. And Ondrej was a lot of fun. Plus, the always joyful Klaus showed a lot of depth under that smile.

Monika, Ondrej & Lea

Ondrej and I walked Lea home and made a promise to get more of the students together to practice more Spanish, only this time with more food, drink and conversation.