July 31, 2005

7/31/05 Málaga Spain

Scotland is here

I had only meant to take a cat-nap for twenty minutes or so, then get ready to catch the bus for Sevilla.

Suddenly I woke up and realized it was afte 10. Missed the bus tour that I'd already paid $60 for. And had a hell of a hangover. I had barely rolled out of bed when I heard my new roommates unlocking the front door to the apartment.

Gemma and Cheryl are from Edinburgh and Glasgow, and both have heavy Scottish accents. They were so excited to be here. They love everything like the apartment, the school being across the street and of course, the beach. I just wish my head felt better to show them around.

I went to the beach, I don't know if it was the hangover or the fact that everyone seems to be leaving,b ut everything seems different. It's like this second month is starting totally new. I have new roommates and tomorrow I get new classmates. Or maybe it's just homesickness.

One thing that really sets me apart here, is that I don't have a cell phone. Literally, I'm the only one in the city who doesn't have a phone, so it's hard to connect with folks. Like today, I wanted to catch Charlotte and Sanna one last time, so I kept dropping by the hacienda, but they weren't there. With a cell, I could have easily made plans to get together with them.

After having a burger at El Chupete, I tried stopping by Joanna's. Her and Ida were just getting ready to meet Charlotte and Sanna for dinner. They had all been together today in Narifa. I guess that's another thing that sets me apart other than my age, most of the students here are women. Definitely feel like a fifth-wheel at times.

Saying goodbye to Sanna & Charlotte

Had a final goodbye picture and “three” kisses on the cheek (two kisses from the Spanish, but three kisses from the Dutch) from Charlotte and Sanna. They leave tomorrow, flying to Amsterdam through Zurich.