July 30, 2005

7/30/05 Málaga Spain

I'm going to miss Britt

Got up at 5:30am to do my long run this morning. I was supposed to do 13-miles, a little over two hours worth of running. But almost immediately my left knee had the same pain as Thursday. Reluctantly quit my run. Maybe with a few more days off and a shorter run on Tuesday, I can help it recover. I'm thinking that I was so rushed Wednesday, that I wasn't paying much attention to how I was running, just that I needed to get it over with.

Spent the day just hanging out with Britt. We just got lazy and laid on the couch waiting for them to check her room out so she could get her deposit money back. Once that was done, I went with her to the train station helping with her bags. Not really sure if I'm an 'uncle' or an 'older brother' but I'm going to miss her a lot. I so looked forward to her coming home every afternoon and hearing of her misadventures. But through it all, she's one good kid. If she was my daughter, I'd be proud of her.

Couldn't get the guard at the train station to take our picture, so had to suffice with a hug. Hopefully we can meet up one more time before we both leave Spain. Definitely would love to visit Sweden and see her again.

Hasta luego Britt

Ingrid is moving out today. She went to her new apartment and it sounds great. It's a couple who rent out part of their apartment. Ingrid has a view of the ocean from her bedroom window. And it even has a TV. She'll be able to use her Spanish more too. I wish her well, but was hoping they would let her stay here at our apartment.

Ingrid saying goodbye

Went to the beach late today. At this halfway point in my stay, I'm going through a complete transformation. It's as if I'm starting all over again here in Málaga.

Against my better judgement I decided to go to a party at Josefin's. I thought it might be the last time I'd get to see Charlotte and Sanna since I was going to Sevilla on Sunday. Met everyone first at Joanna's, then about 1am, we headed over to Josefin's.

You knew it was going to be a good party when the police were already there. They had just stopped by to tell them that the music was a little too loud. Inside he place was packed with people dancing.

The party was going strong

A long time later, we staggered back to the hacienda to cook up a late night, or should I say early morning snack. Didn't even look at my watch until I got home. It was 6:12am.