July 29, 2005

7/29/05 Málaga Spain

Going to the beach

Even though we're finally past the 'past tense' you would think the 'future' and 'conditional' tenses would be easy. Especially because the verb conjugations are the simplest yet. But for the last couple of days, the class has really struggled with these.

Ended up going to the beach with Britt and Ingrid. I think we were surrounded by a half dozen women all going topless. Very distracting. Saw a woman who appeared to be a therapist working with a man who had cerebral palsy. What a great place to work, on the beach. Got in the water but it was freezing. Even Britt thought it was colder than in Sweden.

My roommate Britt

Therapist working with a patient on the beach

Britt invited a bunch of people over for her last night in the apartment. She wanted ti use up the last of her food. I made up a fresh pot of spaghetti, and Charlotte made a huge couscous salad. She's been a vegetarian for years. Also there were Sanne, Ida, Joanna, Josefin and Nevil.

It was kind of a goodbye dinner for Nevil who is leaving tomorrow. But then Charlotte and Sanne are leaving Monday. That leaves only Josefin and I in class out of the eight we started with.

I have been so lucky with everyone I've met here. We ended up just talking half the night, comparing cultures and languages. I found out Charlotte is studying anthropology and Joanna wants to be an EMT or nurse. I'm going to miss all these people very much.

So, what could they be talking about?

Ida, Josefin, Joanna, Nevil, Jim, Charlotte, Sanne