July 27, 2005

7/27/05 Málaga Spain

Peter is flying back home tomorrow

Had another difficult time in the extra class for the student-teachers. I just struggle so hard to hear what they're saying. Thinking I might talk to Ramón about some private tutoring with my listening skills. Part of me thinks I should be a lot farther than I am after four weeks.

Had to squeeze in a six mile run after the extra class and the going-away get together for Peter. In the group was Britt (Sweden), Joanna (Sweden), Ida (Sweden), Charlotte (Holland), Monika (Hungary), Nevil (England) and the guest of honor, Peter (Switzerland). Had a great time. Finally had paella. A grand time had by all. Just too bad it was a going-away dinner. Peter leaves tomorrow after class.




That's Monika in the middle




Heading back home after a late night