July 26, 2005

7/26/05 Málaga Spain


We had an interesting class assignment today. We had to come up with a new invention, make an informational pamphlet and instructions, all in Spanish using the imperative tense. Thought Sanna, Josefine and I came up with a pretty good idea: glasses that would translate Spanish into English called 'Idiogafas' (which translates 'language glasses').

Wouldn't you buy 'Idiogafas'!

After the beach today, ran kind of early (around 6pm) but it felt good. Three miles is so much better than twelve.

Skipped going to El Centro for Monika's birthday so I could study. And because tomorrow is a very packed day. Besides school in the morning, most of us volunteered to be 'students' in another of the student-teacher practicals. Then have to squeeze in a six mile run before going out for Peter's last night here. Sure hope we don't get much homework.

At the apartment, we're slowly transforming. Britt is getting ready to leave Saturday. And I've been trying to talk in Spanish with Ingrid. I'm going to miss Britt. She kind of was like a little sister I never had. You know, giving 'guy' advice, etc.

Well, the girls are out for the evening, so I'm going to crash early.

We need cars like this in the USA