July 25, 2005

7/25/05 Málaga Spain

The most beautiful women you'll find anywhere

Well, our class got a new student today from Holland. And finally we moved on from the past tense to the imperative, with more verb conjugations along with the usual thousands of irregular verbs.

Spent a few hours at the beach with Britt and Ingrid. It was almost deserted compared to yesterday's crowds. And the waves were the highest I've seen yet. A great day really, not too hot, no crowds, a good breeze coming off the sea, and still surrounded by the women on the beach.

I know I've been reluctant to describe the women here. First and foremost, Spain is filled with the most beautiful women you'll find anywhere. And they can be quite distracting when they go topless on the beach. But put it down as part of my 'western' mindset, they're missing a sort of athleticism. I doubt if many could run around the block. When I go for my runs along the boardwalk, I rarely see a woman runner. And even when I do, it's probably a foreigner on holiday. Don't get me wrong, you could almost go blind with all the 'eye candy' I see, but it just goes to show you the differences in culture.