July 24, 2005

7/24/05 Málaga Spain

Showing new roommate Ingrid around

There was to be a party down at one of the beach-side restaurants and the language schools got free drink tickets. So, about midnight (remember things start late around here) we walked down to El Balneario by the Baños del Carmen beach. They sure had an eclectic show. They had a guy juggling torches and knives, then the main attraction was a flamenco dance troupe of a man and three women. Oh, but the most entertaining was the transvestite MC. He was over six foot tall, and that didn't include heels. And even Britt and Ingrid said he had a body better than most women. Several time she'd go out into the audience to pull some guy up on stage to dance.

First you think 'Nice legs.'

Then you realize it isn't a woman

But probably the most disappointing was that we never saw any other Málaga ¡Sí! students. The show ended a little after 2am, so we went home. The alarm at 6am came way two early. Hit the alarm and fell back asleep. Good thing my internal alarm clock was working. Eventually got up at 7:30 to do my run. Twelve miles today!

Was concerned about keeping hydrated during the run, so decided to run to the lighthouse about 25 minutes away and run laps back and forth. In a hidden spot I put a few more water bottles. Ended up doing 2½ laps this way. And was able to keep hydrated. Good thing too, because by 9:30am, it was already hot. Definitely need to get up earlier for these Sunday runs.

Britt and Ingrid were just rousing out of bed when I got back. Took Ingrid to the store but it was closed. Very strange – it was open the first two Sundays I was here, but then closed last week and today. But the bakery had a separate door, so we were able to get something for Sunday breakfast. I had these sweet donut-like things that turned out to be real rich.

As the morning and early afternoon come and went, my legs really told me what they thought of todays run. If I sat down for just a few minutes, the legs would start to turn into lead. I took some Ibuprofen to ease off a little of the joint pain. And this was only a third of the marathon distance. Just might need a hospital bed in Chicago come October.

Decided to get a burger downstairs at El Chupete. But this time I ordered it's namesake, “El Chupete” “The Passifier”. It was a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomatoes. Got it upstairs and the weight of the sack should have been my first clue as to what I found. Think Big Mac times four, or maybe five. It was huge! I gave a forth of it to Britt and at about half of what was left. And needed to save the last bit for another day. And that was all for only 3.75€.