July 22, 2005

7/22/05 Málaga Spain

Half of the class is going home tomorrow

Well, the dreaded exam on the past tenses was this morning. About five pages, four of which were fill-in-the-blank questions, with another full page essay question at the end where we had to tell about ourselves in the past tense. Guess I won't know until Monday how I did.

At the end of class, we all took a ton of pictures because half of the class is going home tomorrow. It just won't be the same next week without Ondrey, Elin and Michael. I'll really miss them.




Michael, Elin, Nevil, Ondrej, Ramón, Pedro, Jim

So, we all made plans to get together later for dinner. And with no homework, it was a great time to head to the beach. Problem was it was looking like another Sahara Wind was here. The air was stifling hot even though the wind was creating quite the waves on the beach. After a few minutes on the sand, I gave up and went inside to shade and a nap.

It's a funny thing about some restaurants here. They just don't seem to like foreigners. Our group of eleven went early to miss the busy time but several places said they couldn't serve us because the tables were all reserved. And this is an empty restaurant, completely empty. Finally we ended up at a non-traditional Spanish restaurant, a pizzaría. You could tell it catered to tourists because the menu was in Spanish, English and French. But even so, they treated us like they didn't want us there.

Pizza, Spanish style

And just to show that all businesses are not that way, we moved down the boardwalk to have a few drinks and our waitress was a smiling-having-fun kind of girl. She didn't mind our sad attempts at Spanish and even asked us a few questions about where we were from. And quite pretty too. [smile] When I asked to take her picture, she got real shy and said she needed to do something, running off. I wouldn't be surprised if she has that happen all the time.

As the younger part of our group moved on to another bar, I decided to call it a night, heading home a little after 1am: bed time for all the kids like me. [laugh] Said a final goodbye to Rebecca, Michael, Elin and Ondrej. I'm sad.