July 21, 2005

7/21/05 Málaga Spain

Another school tour of El Centro

Felt better today but not quite 100%. Everyone in class said I was missed. Ramón makes jokes that I'm the group's spiritual leader. Guess my age is showing through.

Today the school went on another excursion in El Centro to a teteria, a Moroccan-style tea house. It was off one of the plazas but down a dark, narrow alley. But it turned out to be a cool rustic laid-back kind of place full of young student types. It was hard to decide what to have because the menu had over one hundred teas, tea blends and even mil concoctions. Had a good time talking to Ondrej and Michael. Our language was a mix of Spanish and English if we didn't know the word in Spanish. Actually a little easier now that we have more verb tenses to work with.

The whole gang at the teteria

Met a few new students. Eva is from Austria and lives in my building upstairs. Magdelana and Sylvia are two girls from the Czech Republic. And there were two girls from Holland.

About ten of us went on to get something to eat afterward. Kind of hard getting a table in these small restaurants for a large group, but after the third try, we finally found a place to eat. Good thing too, because Michael looked like he was ready to eat his shirt.

While the rest of the group moved on, Britt and I took the night bus back to El Palo. Too bad we're not closer to El Centro. Catching the bus at night adds at least an hour to your evening in waiting and travel time. Was hoping to get a little more studying in but was too tired when we finally got home. Oh, well, what ya' going to do!