July 20, 2005

7/20/05 Málaga Spain

A sick day

Not feeling well at all this morning. Went to school but just to tell my teachers I was going home sick. Ended up sleeping to 2pm.

Not sure what it was. I just didn't have the energy. Later was able to get caught up mostly with my assignments. We're supposed to have a big test on Friday covering all the 'past tenses', all four of them, that we've been drilling on for the last week, week and a half.

A bunch of people saw me studying in the window and invited me to join Tilde for a drink down at the beach. Her flight home to Sweden leaves at 5:30am tomorrow. No one was in the mood for alcohol so we had some very expensive milk shakes. I wish I could have gotten to know her better. But as one friend leaves, I met another another, Ida. She was kind enough to translate for me as everyone at the table was talking in Swedish.