July 18, 2005

7/18/05 Málaga Spain

Really, really hot

Last night was one of the hottest yet. Even with the fan, I could feel the sweat dripping off my back as I tried to sleep. Today in class they explained that Málaga was experiencing a 'Sahara Wind' raising the temperature as high as 40-45°C (104-114°F). With that kind of heat, you're just drained. Since I was having difficulty studying this afternoon, I ended up sleeping on the couch in front of the fan for several hours. I didn't even try going to the beach. Instead I took a walk but even with that, the hot winds teared up my eyes.

Got a new student in class today. Nevil is from England and has studied at several schools this summer in different Spanish cities. He said Ramón is the best teacher he's met. Nevil was a student at Málaga ¡Sí! for several weeks before taking a two-week break in the countryside of Andulucia. Seems like a great guy.

Tonight as it finally cooled down (a relative term in this heat) found all three of us, Britt, Rudy and I studying. Going to try and get up early to run so I can avoid the heat. Time for a little walk before bed.