July 17, 2005

7/17/05 Málaga Spain

Yep, another roommate from Sweden

Finally, my internal alarm clock was silent this morning as I slept in late. I don't think either Britt or myself got up before 10. Two late nights in a row is not good.

Much too late to run, so I'll have to do that tonight. Had thoughts of still trying to get down to the cathedral, but already the heat was getting oppressive. Went to the beach but it was like laying on a hot skillet and I was basting in my suntan oil. Talked to Ondrej a bit on the beach. He went to Granada yesterday, and while it was beautiful, he said the heat drained him. By the time he got back to Málaga at 7pm, he barely had enough energy to fall into bed.

And today was looking like a similar day. Tried to study but the heat just made your mind mush.

Our new roommate showed up today. He was a bit surprised to find us here because he though he was renting an apartment only for himself. Rudy is an art teacher form Sweden, but was raised in California. After a few quick words in Swedish, Britt was off to somewhere for the day.

Despite the change in living arrangement, Rudy fit right in. He's only here for a week at another school. Rudy is paying about 300€ ($360) for a full week of intensive Spanish classes at 4 hours/day, and lodging. Actually a pretty good price for a working holiday near the beach in the high season. It's not like I could find that anywhere on the beaches in America.

Ended up going for my run at 8pm. Kind of unusual not to see many people out on the boardwalk at that time of evening. But as the heat sucked every ounce of moisture out of my throat, I thought all those people who stayed home were the smart ones. Towards the end of the run, a thermometer said 38°C (=100°F). That's hot.

Had just enough energy to go down to 'El Chupete' for a burger and a short walk along the beach. Definitely going to sleep soundly tonight.