July 14, 2005

7/14/05 Málaga Spain

They asked us to be guinea pigs

I am really struggling in class, at least compared to my classmates. I can understand the material well enough, but when it come sot actually using it, I can't process it fast enough. Maybe if we get more students next week, I'll be in a slightly slower class. But this is exactly why I need to be here. I don't think going to night classes at home would have work at all. I think I've done about a semesters worth of class in these three weeks. Guess we'll have to wait and see what the next six weeks will bring.

After class today, I finally bought a fan. Boy what a big difference. That should give me a bit more comfortable study time, especially if it gets even hotter in August.

The school is just finishing up a course for new teachers and they asked us to be guinea pigs for the student's practical experience. The first three did a class on pronouns and the second four did one on going to the movies.

Not bad for a first class although I got the feeling that they were teaching Spanish grammar to Spanish speaking students instead of to students without the command of the language. I got real flustered in the second class during the discussion phase. I think they thought I was shy, but I just couldn't translate what they wanted me to say. I don't think they understand yet how to deal with various levels of speaking ability. Too bad they didn't ask us to critique the students. I thought several would make great teachers.