July 12, 2005

7/12/05 Málaga Spain

¡Málaga Sí! has a birthday

The highlight of the day came in the evening as the school was celebrating it's 5th Anniversary. They threw a big barbecue. There must have been 30 to 40 people there including teachers, students and a big group who had just finished their teacher training.

Ondrej and I were in charge of the grills. Very different without the use of lighter-fluid. We used these small highly flammable cubes to get the real charcoal going. Then we put on kabobs of vegetables, chicken and fish. Plus there were beef cutlets for anyone desperate for cow flesh. And you couldn't have a party in Málaga without sangria. Once that was all gone, you could also have some San Miguel beer.

It's a party!

Had some laughs with Ramón, in Spanish of course. Later, Ondrej, Elin, Michael and I got into some interesting discussions. Elin is actually interested in Physical Therapy as a career, so she had a lot of questions. Plus Michael's sister was a Buddhist for a time, so we talked about that too. These two from Sweden sure act a lot older than sixteen. Ondrej is thinking of a career in International Law. This is a very good group of young people.

Later, a few of us ended up at a bar called 'Bolivia', just down the street from my apartment. As I got home I figured I might have overdone it a bit on the beer but otherwise it was a pretty good night.