July 11, 2005

7/11/05 Málaga Spain

New roommate moved out

Britt tried hard not to wake anyone as she unpacked last night. Later she she told me it was an 'interesting' trip, full of near-life-ending experiences that she doesn't want to repeat. [smile]

The staff is back to it's regular schedule, so now we have class in the morning when it's cooler. And we have an additional teacher, Ana. I had thought they might break us up into two levels, but we're all still together. I think I'm at the low end of the curve but I'm putting a solid effort into it.

Actually, I'm probably trying too hard. Got to learn to relax and maybe the words will slip in easier. Today's a rest day after that long run Sunday, but I'm pleased I'm not sore.

Britt and I are trying hard to speak Spanish-only in the apartment. Dafydd ended up moving to the hacienda which is on a quieter street. Oh, but now I know how to operate the hot water, so no more cold showers.