July 10, 2005

7/10/05 Málaga Spain

Another new roommate

I think I've been dreading this run all week. I can't even remember if I've EVER ran 10 miles. Since I can't really measure, I'll have to go by pace, about 10 minutes/mile. I hope that's close to accurate.

Ended up running past the harbor and along some of the beaches in the southeastern part of the city. The last couple of miles seemed to be taking it's toll on my knees. But my time out and time back were almost identical.

Bought a Sunday paper. I'm going to pick 7 articles out of each issue and translate them during the week. That will combine current events and practice.

Went for my daily beach session. Besides, it was too hot to study. Back to a sunny day but a lot less people here than I expected. Maybe I'm just early. Now it's back to home and more study.

Met a new roommate today. Dafydd is a school teacher from Wales. He's here for two weeks as both a holiday and study. We're both about the same age, so we compared stories. A really nice guy. But he's not to sure about our apartment. Even though I guess I've tuned out the constant traffic noise outside our windows, Dafydd doesn't think he can sleep. He'll try it a night and see.

Not that I was worried, just hope Britt is doing ok as she went to Portugal this weekend with a few fellow students from here class at the university. Went to bed late and Britt isn't home yet.