June 29, 2005

6/29/05 Almansa Spain

Looking for Schools

I just couldn't get to sleep last night even though I was very tired tried meditation reading and even the TV. Not much helped but I did eventually fall asleep.

Woke up too late for my run, and barely had time to check my email. When Amparo got here, we decided to call a few of the schools I had found on the internet.

The first was “Diologo” but they must have all been at class, as I had to leave a message. The other was “Málaga ¡Sí!” After asking a few questions, in English, I asked who I was talking to. “Tilde” she said. Turns out she's Swedish, not Spanish. Later I found on their website that over half of their students come from Sweden (only 8% from the USA).

The Castle towers over Almansa

During the morning class, I tried to explain my interest in Buddhism, all in Spanish. In the afternoon, my job was to watch a film (“Red Planet”) and practice trying to hear the words, even though they were all mashed together.

After class, I finally went for a walk down towards the city center. So many people out and about. The park packed with children playing teenagers talking and the older adults just looking on. Saw the castle that overlooks town and the church built near the base. But still couldn't find an ATM.

Everyone out and about