June 28, 2005

6/28/05 Almansa Spain

The Words are Just Under the Surface

I went for a run this morning. Took me eight minutes to get tot he edge of town, and that was the long way. There is a nice path that separates the city proper and the train tracks. Amparo says that many people walk there in the evening.

It rained today which appears to be rare at this time of year. Not a drenching rain, but just enough to show you the dirt on the car windows.

More class today. It's as if I know words but they're just under the surface of my consciousness. It's going to be a long summer.

I went with Amparo and German to the 'supermarket'. There are several built on the edge of the newer part of town. These are very different than the smaller markets in the city.

Amparo is amazing. She seems to have a limitless supply of energy and patience. Not only is she teaching me one-on-one, but still working on building her school/hostel business. And still has time to take care of 16-month old German and cook wonderful meals.

Tonight, with Santi, we talked about where to look for another school. Because it is so hot this time of year, pretty much everywhere would be bad except the coast. The city we decided on is Málaga. Online I found four of five schools that looked promising. The only downside is that this is the beginning of the tourist season, and every Spaniard and his family will also be trying to escape the heat by going to the coast.