June 26, 2005

6/26/05 Almansa Spain

Moving Day

I got up early enough and did all those normal getting up things like a shower and getting dressed. But as I was sitting in the salon, I just couldn't keep awake. So I spent the better part of the day sleeping again. Part of it could be the heat. I feel like I'm in New Mexico, very hot but no humidity.

As Amparo and Santi were finishing up their move, they took me to their previous home town in Mogente, to drop off the truck at Amparo's brother's furniture factory. Even though Mogente is just down the road, it's in another province and they speak another dialect called Valenciano. This is where Amparo's family live and work. The town is prosperous because of thriving furniture businesses that ship all over the world. Santi said we would return someday so he could show me the town.

We stopped for lunch in Mogente at a bar/restaurant. First came a communal salad of lettuce, onion, tomatoes and olives. Then I had ordered the chicken plate which was grilled chicken with stewed tomatoes with asparagus, and always french fries. Everywhere seems to serve bottled water. At least today we passed on dessert.

It turns out that their new apartment is just around the corner from the school. It is a lot smaller than their previous home, but now they can be at the hostel in seconds instead of the drive from Mogente. I stayed to help them unpack but ended up sleeping some more on the couch. I claim it was the heat this time.

As evening came, the town came alive. From their window I watched as the whole town seemed was out for their evening walk (called 'paseo' in Spanish). It was encouraging to see so many young families with baby strollers. Santi soon arrived with German, their 16-month old son who was at the grandparents while they moved. A very active little boy.

We ended up eating a light supper of omelets, pimentos and bacon followed by cheese and watermelon, all after 11PM. Remember, they eat late in Spain. I finally walked home to the hostel before midnight.