July 12, 2004

7/12/04 Pacific City OR

55 miles (3237 total)

A great night sleep followed by a glorious morning. Might get hot though. Said goodbye to Laurie and Jeff but I'm sure I'll see them again today along the way.

Jeff & Laurie

Traffic seemed lighter than yesterday but a lot more logging trucks. The winds seemed to shift a lot depending on how close the road was to the sea. Passed Bill and the guys when they stopped to fix a flat. And Laurie and Jeff did catch me because I stopped at Wanda's Cafe in Nehalem for the best french toast I've had this trip with homemade whole wheat bread. Mmm!

Bill and a few of the guys

Got a good tailwind into Tillamock. After some lunch, finally got off the busy Highway 101 and followed another road along the 'Three Capes Route.' Great scenery but it was also some killer climbs that seemed to go on, and on. It was all downhill from Cape Lookout to Sandlake. It sure was a hot afternoon. Saw a few more cyclists heading north on bikes that seemed to have twice as much gear as me.

Staying in Pacific City at the county park where I spent a night during the last trip. In walking distance to the beach, and the RV park next door sells ice cream and hot sandwiches. Talked with a father and daughter for bit but was almost ready to crash early to bed. Tomorrow is my last day and it will be a lot of climbing early. Almost done.

Haystack in Pacific City