July 11, 2004

7/11/04 Nahalem Bay State Park

67 miles (3182 total)

For once, the weather channel was completely wrong. Instead of cloudy and cool, I awoke to sun and it was promising to be a hot one today. A good thing I didn't try to get all the way to Astoria last night because I ended up doing a lot of climbing today as I got closer to the coast. But still made good time. I was trying hard to get to Fort Clatsop by 11am just in case my relatives made the drive up from Salem to see me finish.

Compared to my visit back in 2001, arriving at Fort Clatsop was anticlimactic. They're using a shuttle system now, so everyone was busy unloading and loading the buses. Not one person seemed curious about the bike or where I'd come from.

Finally made it to Fort Clatsop

Waited a bit then decided to continue on. But the price of admission was good for a free buss pass on the local system, and they had bike racks. So, since my 'Lewis, Clark & Jim' trip was officially over, there was no reason not to get a lift. My bus driver Toni, took me to the limit of his route, to Canon Beach which took 20-miles off my ride. It didn't really save me any time, just wear and tear on the bike and my body.

Riding the coast again was like deja vĂș, with memories flooding back. I love the views from the cliffs with the beach far below. Had a few people ask about my trip and that made me feel good.

The Pacific Coast

Looks like I'll be staying at the same campgrounds I did on that past trip. Tonight it was back to the hiker/biker site at Nahalem Bay State Park. Later I met scoutmaster Bill and five of his Eagle scouts from Carson City, Nevada, out for a week-long Oregon Coast ride. A good group of teenagers. Hey, the love bikes so they can't be all bad. [smile] After sunset, met Laurie and Jeff who are heading south along the coast on a tandem. We compared notes of other trips we'd taken. They were excited because tomorrow for them looks like a bed and a home-cooked meal with some distant relatives.