July 10, 2004

7/10/04 Clatskanie OR

62 miles (3114 total)

Met Beth and the two boys, Enzo and Quinn. Joe has been a house-dad while Beth gets her Masters to teach biology. Definitely a family that has a lot of fun together. And said goodbye to Mike who was getting a rental car headed to Seattle before flying to Sacramento to see family. It was great to be riding partners again.

Joe with his boys Enzo & Quinn

Saying goodbye to my friend and tour partner Mike

Off into the wild blue yonder...

Looked like a good day as I rode along the bluffs of the river until I found the St John's Bridge. Ended up begging them to let me cross. Must have worked because I was soon on my way across.

Met tons of riders on the highway. Seems everyone is raining for a big ride next weekend, Seattle-to-Portland. It was a good route because you could ride in a bike lane all the way from Portland to St Helens.

Stopped for lunch and found I had another flat, the story of my life. Decided to make it to Clatskanie and splurge on a hotel room. That way, I only have a 35-mile ride to Fort Clatsop.

Had a few very long climbs and one downhill, but it would have been better without the rain. Once I got to town, the sun broke out and it looked to be another good afternoon.