July 4, 2004

7/04/04 L&C State Park WA

77 miles (2775 total)

Got up to go to the bathroom and just decided to get packed. This has to be one of my earliest starts ever. [I know I keep saying that – smile] We hit the road at 5:30am, pushing across the Clearwater River into Washington state.

Heading into Washington state

Out first test of the day was eight miles of climbing, the six more miles of steeper road. Seemed to take us all morning to get to the top. And then there was hardly any downhill on the other side. Plus headwinds hit us as we crested the rise.

Eight miles up, up and up

Traffic was light for a holiday Sunday with the few towns we passed through quiet because all the shops were closed for the holiday.

Thank goodness the temperature stayed in the 80's because our second climb of the day was under full sun. We plodded our way up another steep six miles of hill, stopping frequently to rest and get water. A small downhill on the other side lead us to town.

The Open Road

Lewis & Clark Trail State Park is located on the Touchet River. Richard, a volunteer ranger at the gate, was very interested in our trip, giving us route advice along with things not to miss.

Really tired, but looks like tomorrow will be a repeat of long miles and hot winds.

Happy 4th of July!!!