July 3, 2004

7/03/04 Lewistown ID

95 miles (2698 total)

With Mike, there's no such thing as a start too early. [smile] We got out on the road shortly before 6am. The Lascha River joined the Clearwater River, and we had another great ride following it downstream.

Jim's always looking at the map,
even though Lewis is showing the way. [smile]

After breakfast in Kooskia, we left the TransAmerica Trail to head north to Kamiah. At this point, we took an alternate route that continued to follow the river. Most of the morning was overcast, keeping the temperature cool.

Got rained on just a bit, but we rode towards blue skies, and unfortunately, warmer temperatures. We reached Orifina just before lunch, so decided to keep going. Because it was Saturday, and part of a holiday weekend, traffic was pretty light with very little truck or RV traffic.

How people cross the river to get home

The wind picked up but we still made good time. The heat was definitely getting to us as we pulled into the outskirts of Lewistown. We ended up getting a room at the first motel we saw. Unfortunately tomorrow's ride looks just as long and hot. Yippee!

The Clearwater River