July 1, 2004

7/01/04 Powell ID

59 miles (2539 total)

Had a good breakfast at Knuckleheads BBQ next door to the motel, really we did. Even though Mike and I haven't seen each other in three years, we acted like it had only been a three weeks.

Had a good breakfast and now ready to hit the road

Kind of overcast as we left Missoula so we couldn't decide if it was going to rain. The road went up so slowly, we didn't even notice. Eventually, the sun pushed the clouds on through and we had a great ride.

1st of July & still snow up there

About six miles from Lolo Pass, our incline increased a lot, so we both struggled to keep the bikes going up. After what seemed like an eternity, we crested the pass and took a break at the Visitor Center. Lot's of people asked about our travels, but the Poston family, all three generations invited us to lunch with them

Three generations of the Poston family

The ride down the pass was beautiful. Kind of hard to take a picture when you're screaming down a mountain. Rode alongside the Lochsa River. At the DeVoto Memorial Grove, we met Mary Jane who was guiding a Lewis & Clark tour group sponsored by Elder Hostel. The cool thing about her was that she rode in the 1976 Bikecentennial Tour as a group leader. That was the birth of the TransAmerican Trail where 4000 people rode coast-to-coast to celebrate our nations Bicentennial.

Are you coming?

The beautiful Lochsa River

I remembered the Powell campground as soon as we rolled up. Towering pines above us and the sound of the river behind us. A good campsite. As we cooked dinner, you could hear thunder but I wonder if we would get rain.

Powell campground