June 9, 2004

6/9/04 Indian Creek Rec Area SD

67 miles (1393 total)

Slept pretty good but woke up to frigid temps. Had long sleeves, wind jacket and rain coat on all together, along with gloves and a fleece stocking cap. A couple of days ago thought I was crazy to bring that hat. Now, I'm glad.

The clouds didn't look good. Frankly I was real worried about hypothermia if it started to rain with these winds and lower temperatures. But as ever, onward!

The winds must have shifted overnight as they were out of east this morning. At least they weren't headwinds like yesterday. I really hated that wind, doing anything to mentally combat it. No wonder Van Gogh cut off his ear. The winds can imbalance anyone. I've tried meditating, singing, and screaming. Anger wells up almost instantly. But it's a loosing battle. Mother Nature always has the last word.

Today was back to rolling rangeland. Had 45-miles of road before I would hit another town. I wasn't that much faster than yesterday, but the sun came out every once in a while to boost my spirits.

After eating a sandwich in Selby, had a slight tailwind as I headed west into Mobridge. Good thing too because there was this long couple mile hill to climb.

Camping at another scarcely occupied campground. Tried talking to a few people but everyone's pretty absorbed.

The shore near my campsite