June 8, 2004

6/8/04 Bob's Campground SD

57 miles (1327 total)

Don't ever listen to me when I say it's “only a 56-mile day.” Woke up to winds out of the north at 20mph. Argh!!! Headwinds! Actually it was warmer and sunnier in Pierre, but by the time I climbed out of the valley, it was windy and cold. Had to put on pants, gloves and a jacket, but was still a little chilly.

This Way!

Passed the dam for Lake Oaha, and then the road leveled out. As far as you could see, flat. Hardly a tree to be seen. So, nothing to block the wind. Just put your head down and go.

My trusty steed

Instead of yesterday's rolling prairies, today was flat cropland. Didn't see any farm houses, just bland grey farm equipment hangers. Must be corporate megafarms. With the ind, overcast skies and sameness all around, I actually fell asleep at the handlebars several times. Pushing the bike against the wind doesn't let you change your seat position while riding. So every mile, sometimes even more, I would stop, stretch, eat something or take a drink just to get off that seat.

Kind of overcast. More rain?

The day seemed to go on forever. Took nine hours to go 55-miles and I was exhausted. Jim Russell had told me about Bob's Steakhouse where the 1804 joins highway 212. Turns out they have a campground. The state campground I was planning on staying at is eight miles off route, all downhill. I just don't need to do all those extra miles, especially if we have more headwinds tomorrow. Deb signed me in and they have tables and chairs along with a TV in the store. So I have a place to write and relax.