June 5, 2004

6/5/04 camping Lucas SD

65 miles (1129 total)

More rain last night. Too early to tell if it will continue. Ate breakfast with the gang before heading out.

Climbed that five mile hill again, but it felt better, being cool and with me fresh. Clouds mostly south in Nebraska but since the wind is out of the south, it could very well blow stuff our way.

I love shapes clouds make

We all stopped in Bonesteel for an early lunch. The special was a burger that was twice as big as the bun. Messy to eat, but oh, so good. Plus, they gave me ice cream on a brownie. One of the local senior ladies, Phyllis Metz, sat with us filling us in about small town life.

By the time we finished, the sun had come out, but the wind had changed direction. So, we had 20-miles of headwinds all the way to Burke. The wind and heat were definitely doing a number on me.

Caught up with the gang before heading downhill to the river. Turns out the campground was full so they pulled into a parking lot of a local fishing - hunting outfitter. They're letting us free camp for the night. The gang took pity on me and invited me to eat dinner with them. Plus they let me use the shower in the RV. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to travel with. A long 80-miles tomorrow, so need a good night's sleep.

Joined the guys for dinner