June 3, 2004

6/3/04 L&C Recreation Area SD

48 miles (977 total)

Woke to a fine sunny morning with the leaves on the trees barely fluttering in the breeze. So different than a few days ago.

Before I left, had some waffles that you can make at the motel. What a great idea and they were very, very good. Almost had two, but I kept my self-control. [smile]

Followed farm roads as near to the river as possible and was surprised at all the traffic. I didn't care. The temps were just right, blue sky all around, and even a slight tailwind was all I needed to keep my spirits soaring.

A good day to be riding

Took a quick break in Gayville. One of the girls at Ma & Pa's Store recommended a place to get lunch in Yankton. Found out later, I should have checked out the danish and rolls at Ma & Pa's. Heard they were divine.

Had to take another detour because of construction but Yankton was pretty easy to get through. Had lunch at Tastee Treat in downtown. Nice people and good food, but a little different.

Followed a bike path all six miles from Yankton past the dam. I would have checked it out but this earthwork dam is over two miles long. But what amazed me was the clear blue waters of Lake Frances, at least that's not what you would have expected from the muddy Missouri.

This park is huge, with a marina, several beaches and hundreds of camping spots. And it must take an army of teenagers to cut all the grass. Even though I hate to pay full price (for $3 more I could have electricity), this was one of the cleanest parks I've ever stayed in.

Crystal clear blue waters of the Lake Francis

Spent part of the evening getting caught up on some letter writing and cooking a bit of dinner. A good evening, even though I was alone.