June 28, 2004

6/28/04 Missoula MT

87 miles (2470 total)

Cold and foggy this morning but the sun was still up and lighting up everything. But as I continued down the mountain, I entered darkness again with fog so thick. I could barely see. Good thing town was a few miles down the road.

As I rode through Lincoln, when I saw the library, I realized I'd been here before. We stayed here on the Great Divide ride in 2001. I even stopped at the same restaurant, Lambkin's. Had some good french toast while waiting for the fog to lift.

And lift it did when the sun had climbed over the mountains. The temperature shot up fast. Just a fabulous day to ride with mountains all around. It seemed every corner was another picture postcard moment.

What a glorious morning!

At about 40-miles, there was Looney's Cafe/Motel. It was Looney himself behind the counter as waiter, cook and busboy. A great burger, if he doesn't say so himself. He said I had one more climb, then it was all downhill to Missoula. Sweet!

You couldn't ask for a better ride. The road hugged the banks of the Blackfoot River with steep mountains hemming you in on both sides. Just beautiful. But it was getting hot.

As I descended into Missoula, found myself biking through my first 90°+ day. After all the cool days I've had this trip, it wasn't the easiest thing to adjust to. But it felt great, even though it was a bit draining.

First stop, the Adventure Cycling office for free drinks and ice cream. Met Greg Siple who took my photograph for the archives last trip in 2001 and insisted I have a second one added for this trip. When it was time to close, I reluctantly left the confines of the air conditioned offices to head across town to the KOA.

After setting up camp, decided to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Not bad. Emailed Mike, hoping his flight was ok from Australia to Portland. Mike should get here tomorrow by rental car after he picks up his new bike in Eugene.