June 25, 2004

6/25/04 Fort Benton MT

0 miles (2232 total)

Camping on the river on the fairgrounds

Boy, what a beautiful morning! And I don't have to ride or fight the wind. Had breakfast and got caught up on all my emails. Just did those touristy things like go to the library, visit the Museum of the Upper Missouri, and generally just wander about town. The bank hand an ice cream social which was good.

The famous Grand Hotel

A few kids being lazy swimming in the river

Later joined the line of hundreds for the Community Potluck dinner in the park. I just love home cookin'. Filled one plate with dinner and another with dessert. Man, oh man, was I stuffed. Sat with Doug and Sharla Smith from Great Falls. With them were their kids Rachael, Austin, Adam, Lily and cousin Sam Eve. They were up visiting family and friends.

Line up for all that food!

Doug & Sharla Smith with their kids
Rachael, Austin, Adam, Lily & cousin Sam Eve

Also met another Lewis & Clark cyclist. Bill is a retired lawyer from Independence, MO. He's anxious to finish. Going the other way on the Northern Tier was Chris from Chicago. He too was just ready to get to the end. Both seemed like good guys.

The Missouri River