June 21, 2004

6/21/04 Jordan MT

69 miles (2016 total)

Took our time getting up. The gang is driving me out the seven miles of dirt road back to the highway. So I joined them for breakfast. Looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.

Dusty bikes!

But once we started unloading the bikes at the highway, I discovered I had a flat tire. So, unloaded the bike to begin the repair process. Found a piece of glass, so repaired the hole. Got that all done, and loaded the bike again. But before I was finished, the front tire was flat again. Upon closer inspection, found two more pieces of glass. Spent more time patching all my inner tubes. They're looking like quilts with all the patches. Finally was ready to leave around 10am.

That's when Fred, then Bill ride up. They're on the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail, heading east. They were excited when I told them about all the headwinds I had. Later, Joy and Lana cycled up. They were full of warnings about drinking the water in Jordan. They'd been sick for a couple of days.

L&C Riders heading east, with the wind!

Only saw 3 mail boxes in 100 miles – a long, lonely road

Had a pretty good ride because of tailwinds, averaging 14mph for 30-miles to the turn off. Even more desolate country this morning, only passed one house in that whole way.

Stopped for a bit of lunch at a rest stop with Rob and Barb. As I was leaving, got talking to a family from Agusta, MT. About a 100-yards down the road, I had to turn around because I had another flat. Just not my day.

But as I got back on the road, I had a combination of crosswinds with a little headwind thrown in. Got caught the rain but it passed quickly. And if the winds weren't enough, the terrain was hill after hill.

It was amazing landscape though. Watched a big black storm brewing off ahead, wondering if it was going to cross my path. Sure enough, I donned my rain gear just in time. It was so fierce, I had trouble keeping the bike upright. At one point, I felt like I was sailing the bike down the road. I must have just hit the edge of the storm as the rain began to let up. That's when I passed the 2000-mile mark.

You can see rain from miles away

And then it still hits ya' miles later

Well, it was back to sunshine the whole way left to Jordan. Got in about 6:30. But instead of going straight to camp, I stopped off for a large ice cream cone. Yum!!!

Found the gang at Katie's Kamp. Barb again cooked up a wonderful dinner of turkey kabobs, her best yet. I sure am going to miss her cooking. But I was dead tired. These long days are hard and I don't see them getting any shorter for the few days.