June 20, 2004

6/20/04 Fort Peck Lake MT

90 miles (1949 total)

I'm still amazed at how early the sunlight comes. I swear it was bright enough to see at 5am. Got an early start because we have a long day planned. The trouble was that there was nothing the first 40-miles.

Took flat back roads among the river plain with the Missouri meandering off to the left. Had some headwinds but that's no surprise. Rode nice and steady, taking a break every ten miles or so to get a drink and stretch my legs.

Eventually had to get back on the highway to ride into Nashua. That's when Rob pulled up behind me. He was beat, but then he'd left over an hour behind me and still caught me.

Had a much needed lunch break at Vinny's. The guidebooks all talked about a homemade ice cream place called Bernies, but it was boarded up. Still, the Bull Burger (cheeseburger with onion rings) was good and I loved the vanilla shake.

The Fort Peck Theater
still has live performances ever summer

The lake is over 40 feet low
The normal shoreline is above the white rocks

Looked like some rain clouds were moving in, so there went our sunshine. But the route turned so that meant a little tailwind. Well, it turned into a lot of tailwind.

There I was climbing hills at 20mph and not even breathing hard. This morning it took me five hours to go 40-miles and this afternoon, it took me half that. Man, oh man, it's fun to ride with a tailwind.

These last 30-miles were a fantastic landscape. Reminded me more of western Texas, only greener. Nothing out here either. In all those miles, I saw three mailboxes and only two of those houses could be seen from the road.

Heading for 100 miles of road of 'empty'

Discovered there were two entrances to Rock Creek where the campground was supposed to be. Our plan was for me to wait at the entrance so Rob could pick me up in the car because it was seven miles of dirt road. But which entrance?

While I was riding to the second entrance, Rob arrived back at the first. Since he didn't see me, he started backtracking me down the highway. They ended up driving all the way back to Fort Peck before turning around. By that time I was taking a nap at the first entrance. I knew they'd be worried. Turns out the campground is closed because the lake is so low. So we're dry camping at a boat ramp area. Lot's of sea gulls, making it sound more like San Fransisco.

Again, Barb whipped up a fantastic dinner. I'm going to miss her cooking. Another long day with nothing between us and Jordan, our next destination.