June 19, 2004

6/19/04 Wolf Point MT

58 miles (1859 total)

Pretty darn cold last night but I slept pretty well. Probably got a later start than I usually do because it was so easy just to roll over and snuggle back into the sleeping bag.

What a combination!

After an incredible melt-in-your-mouth caramel roll at Wild Bill's Cafe, I was back on the road. The route had us using some fairly flat county roads that paralleled the highway. At one point, an AmTrac passenger train went past me, so I had to wave. And despite the chill in the air, it was a bright sunny day to be outside.

Riding through the Fort Peck Indian Reservation

It will take today and half of tomorrow to bike through the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Lots of good healthy crops and livestock but the towns have a lot of poverty.

At the Tastee Freeze in Poplar, the teenage girl had difficulty accepting the possibility of someone like me just traveling to see new things. Sad. Ended up fixing two flats today. Both on the rear wheel. I hate changing tires on a busy highway without any road shoulder.

The highlight of the day occurred when I saw Steve and Mary Kreis, the Handlebar Honeymooners! They were on a tandem pulling a B.O.B. Trailer heading east on the Northern Tier Route. The funny thing was that they said they'd had headwinds the whole way east. Sure wish we could have visited longer. I wished them well and continued on to Wolf Point.