June 18, 2004

6/18/04 Culbertson MT

68 miles (1801 total)

On the weather channel last night, the coldest place in the country was right where I'm at. Go figure!

Williston is an oil town, at least the part of town I'm in. Seems three out of four businesses are directly related to oil. Not much to do last night but watch TV, then bed.

Woke up to clear crisp blue skies. Very cold so had to put on more clothes. Once down off the plain, it was a pleasant ride through the wide river bottom with all it's prosperous farms.

Took the tour of Fort Buford where Sitting Bull surrendered his rifle. But over at Fort Union it was the middle of the four-day Rendezvous complete with re-enactors. Lot's of fun.

Inside Fort Union

These guys stepped back through time

A few long uphills back to the highway but some good riding. Soon I was crossing into Montana. Yippie! And if that wasn't good enough, the road flattened out and it was pretty easy riding all the way to Culbertson.

The museum here is big for a town this small. Room after room filled floor to ceiling, each having a theme. Talked with the ladies while they fed me cookies and lemonade.

Even with the time change, it was getting late and I was worried about the gang. But it turned out they had spend a lot, I mean a lot of time at Fort Union, going to classes and watching demonstrations.

While Barb was making up some turkey burgers, two cyclists rode by heading east. I didn't realize how far north we were until they said they were following the Northern Tier Route.

Going to be cold again tonight with frost warnings. Time to bundle up.

Entering Montana. Yippie!!