June 16, 2004

6/16/04 Watford ND

65 miles (1695 total)

I had nightmares that today was going to be a repeat of yesterday, so I thought an early start might give me some miles before the winds came up. I was wrong.

Today's route goes north but the first few miles out of town headed due west right into the wind. And it's another cold morning. But once the road curved north, the ride became a joy compared to yesterday.

We had taken an alternate route at the suggestion of the ranger at the Knife River Indian Village site because this was supposed to be more scenic. All of a sudden, the Badlands of North Dakota appeared on my left. Amazing! Almost like a miniature Grand Canyon.

The Badlands of North Dakota

The road wound it's way down to the Little Missouri River, then had a four mile climb back out the other side. Definitely different terrain. Today passed the Killdeer Mountains this morning. And the climbs are longer too. But because of all the irregular terrain, the wind seemed to die down at times.

Basically was alone with my thoughts all day as there was nothing between Killdeer and Watford. The clouds moved in and I put some of my warmer clothes on. Thought it might even rain.

Made good time today, pulling into town by 3pm. As I was riding down Main Street, Darrell, Lesley and Daden out on their bikes, joined me on my quest for the perfect hamburger. “You gotta' go to Ginny's!” So, I said lead on. For their help, I bought them ice cream cones.

Met the gang back at the campground. The clouds had broke up and it was nice just sitting there in the sun.

After a shower, Barb had dinner all ready. We had salad, porcupine meatballs and ice cream for dessert. A lot better than my camp food. Later we watched “Get Shorty” on the RV's TV/VCR. This rig has everything.

Headed for Willeston tomorrow and might spring for a motel room.