June 14, 2004

6/14/04 Stanton ND

69 miles (1564 total)

Woke up at 5am and just couldn't get back to sleep. So, eventually, I just got up and packed. Was out on the road by 6:30 and the city was still pretty much asleep.

A wonderful morning along the Missouri River

Bike paths lead me all the way down to the river where I turned north. Kind of freezing as I was shaded from the rising sun by the river bluffs. But no wind! By 9am, I had gone 25-miles. The river was always to my left with plenty of sand bars and marshes, a birder's dream.

Ended up going off route to ride through Washburn. Just had to stop at the Lewis & Clark Café for lunch. After I came back from the restroom, I discovered one of the local ladies had paid for my lunch and silently left before I could thank her. What a wonderful town!

Free lunch!

Crossed the Missouri and generally rode gentle hills all the way to Stanton. Not bad, 65-miles by 1:30. The gang had planned on stopping here for the night, but I'd go on if they wanted to.

Crossing the Missouri again.

Ended up staying at Glo's Kitchen for several hours waiting for the gang to catch up. Ate something and caught up on my writing. Had a downpour sweep through. “It never rains here!” the cook said. The sun had returned by the time Barb drove up in the RV.

Instead of pushing on, we decided to stay here, but wanted to see the Knife River Indian Villages site just a bit out of town. Had one of the young rangers give a great tour of a Hidatsas earth mound dwelling. It was Fascinating stuff and so practical. The museum had a very good film too on village life from a woman's point of view.

Seat of honor in Hidatsas home