June 12, 2004

6/12/04 Bismarck ND

61 miles (1495 total)

Got kind of a late start out of town because Bruce and I went to the café for breakfast. Lots of carbohydrates for the day ahead.

Another state line crossed!

Blue skies were the order of the day but cooler temperatures. Had a bit of headwind heading west out of town, but once I crossed over the state line, it was almost straight north to Bismarck.

Seems I'm seeing a lot more abandoned homesteads along this stretch. And the hills are becoming small mountains. For example, had a four mile long uphill this morning.

Now, this is why I ride. Wow!

Passed a 'bay' that had been reduced to a creek by the low water levels. This had been devastating to the local businesses that depend on the summer fishing season. One such place is Borsh's Bayside Resort. Stopped here for lunch and afterward, the owner walked up. “Are you Jim Damico of Kansas City?” My good friend Ron had already paid for my lunch knowing this would be a natural stopping place. They were such nice folks at the restaurant, having a USA map with pins for all their visitors and even a picture wall of cyclists.

Bruce and Rob catching up.

At the primitive campground we decided to push on into Bismarck. After getting the gang checked in at the KOA, Barb cooked up a great stew. I could barely waddle up to the bike because I needed to ride over to Ron and Joyce's. They had given me the key even though they wouldn't be home. What great people!

Sure beats my cooking. [smile]

Got lost on the extensive bike trails but made it here just as the sun was setting. Boy was I tired.